Monday, 28 December 2020


 The Whispering Man


 The woods that gave us shelter, taught fire, for the winter freeze.

The ground that kept us nourished, prompt replenishment of trees.

The wind that twists so violently  rising tides, fill up the seas.

The human race, now over, the Earth's Covid death disease.

Wage any war for grassland, then cull, to plant their flags.

Before, the hunt was payment, now, all home’s are living taxed.

False, weak and faceless, squires land grab, run now or lose your head.

Society’s foundation formed, entitled and inbred.

He claims, his god’s, the real one? There can only, be just one,

His word foretold the portend, share the peace, follow his son.

The church made true believers, who will die, to serve the creed,

Swung blade, for righteous evil, to make all, the heathens bleed.

His part to play, as ruler, enjoys removing head from neck,

Armada brings death cargo, blood engrained the patchwork deck. 

He knows, fair price, if set high, a day’s work, would spread the wealth.

Not one fuck gave, he gets more rich, well fed, in perfect health.


They dropped atomic weapons, the world entered, age of shock. 

The blood stains on the genius, he now fears his mortal clock 

Take your, colour, class, fake religions please, it's your time, going to waste   

Make peace with life, a no deception deal, there's still time, to book your space.