Wednesday, 30 December 2020

The Silence is Deafening.

I hear them, not brave enough to be a player in the real game, but will extinguish good and unfulfilled life, for insecure, selfish need. A crime, committed by the worst humanity has to offer at all ends of the spectrum. Another time, maybe.

With everything that is happening right now, it is hard to be human. Your rights have slowly been eroded and your freedom inhibited. but freedom is not achieved by working in front of a computer screen to feed the permanently hungry big fish. It's a fallacy thinking that it's going to the shops, the pub or on vacation, to a place you can barely afford. Freedom is to know that you are entitled just the same as everyone else and it is the best life has to offer, to know that your best will be good enough and the only tax you pay, is that you use the skills you have as an individual to the best of your ability. Freedom is to choose your role and whatever you choose, is as important, as every other. 

The tasks conceived for the betterment of society and once completed will be your currency, opening the door to more knowledge, more experience. This society, an equal and prosperous one, in tune with cosmic song which you will always want to dance to, a people you are proud to be part of, the society of the Humans. As the race is already run, and we did not finish. 

In our violent and very bloody history, we have not learned very much at all, truthfully it is difficult to see anything other than violence as a resolution, man has always been prepared to fight to the death for many things, fatally flawed religious beliefs, a worldwide land grab culminating in horrific, brutal atrocities. We would like to call it inhumane, but sadly it is all too human,  Only when a man is pushed to his limits and faced with the choice of protecting his loved ones, is he justified to wield the mortal sword and strike any foe who would dare test him. 

The courage to stand up against all evil, win the fight within to be the true hero. to see that actions at the behest of another for recompense to silence or subdue is truly evil and the real price for such work is not paid in silver or gold.  

Even the worst among us are a product of a society, now so inherently broken to remain part of it seems to go against every shred of decency we have left. We think that by escaping our home, the Earth, and going to other planets we will ensure that humanity will endure, but even if we colonise another planet, there will never be a machine to help us run away from ourselves.

I am not going to tell you that it's all going to work out fine because the systemic fear of dying, oddly the one thing that unites us is their weapon. Yes they can kill, humiliate, intimidate and manipulate but even the most hardened and unlikely people, can still become what they need to. There are just two rules and they are not hard to follow. Get right and don't deceive.

The path is not an easy one, there are many things we do not understand and some of the things, we do think we understand, are, I am afraid, not entirely accurate. The system finds it easier for you to be treated like a fool, you know you are being made a fool of but it's far easier just to go along with it. Have your own opinions but write them in pencil, as evidence that is merely misunderstood can be explained.

Firstly let me just reassure you, that this is not a call for panic or any of that nonsense, as even if the world were ending, what difference does that make anyway? Nor is it a prediction that this is all going to happen tomorrow. There is time, of that I am 100% sure. You do not have to live like a monk, I can assure you I do not. You do not have to change who you are, if you consider yourself to be a good person (if you don't, then you obviously do). You do not have to atone for all your mistakes in life, just to have learnt from them to try not to repeat them, and finally, most importantly, do not seek false gods to help you, you alone are judged on what you are and what you have become. I have no intention of ever revealing my true identity and have no wish to be rich or famous. 

So here is my only rule, I have no intention of being vilified and marched through the streets with a cross on my back or interrogated to death, so if my privacy is ever invaded at any point, I stop and stay stopped and that is a cast iron promise. 

What's the worst that could happen? People are nicer to each other and learn not to lie? That does not sound so bad, does it?

And what if I am right?

No more fear of harm of any kind ever befalling your loved ones, no more ransom of medical innovation and expertise, no more fighting for the best as you will always have it, no more hunger or overconsumption, no more fighting with Mother Earth and no more limitations on anything you wish to try and no more resentment and depression for being born. To be alive will become everything it was meant to.

Life is about sharing love, experiences, dancing and learning. Sounds just like heaven, only maybe we don't have to die to get there. 

There is more before and after, I am just getting started. 

Monday, 28 December 2020


 The Whispering Man


 The woods that gave us shelter, taught fire, for the winter freeze.

The ground that kept us nourished, prompt replenishment of trees.

The wind that twists so violently  rising tides, fill up the seas.

The human race, now over, the Earth's Covid death disease.

Wage any war for grassland, then cull, to plant their flags.

Before, the hunt was payment, now, all home’s are living taxed.

False, weak and faceless, squires land grab, run now or lose your head.

Society’s foundation formed, entitled and inbred.

He claims, his god’s, the real one? There can only, be just one,

His word foretold the portend, share the peace, follow his son.

The church made true believers, who will die, to serve the creed,

Swung blade, for righteous evil, to make all, the heathens bleed.

His part to play, as ruler, enjoys removing head from neck,

Armada brings death cargo, blood engrained the patchwork deck. 

He knows, fair price, if set high, a day’s work, would spread the wealth.

Not one fuck gave, he gets more rich, well fed, in perfect health.


They dropped atomic weapons, the world entered, age of shock. 

The blood stains on the genius, he now fears his mortal clock 

Take your, colour, class, fake religions please, it's your time, going to waste   

Make peace with life, a no deception deal, there's still time, to book your space.