Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Silent Clock Ticks

Alarm Call 6am

The voices inside, dolby 5.1, as usual. My constant uncertainty now a thing of the past.

"But come on, this has got seriously twisted!" I ask, my voice consciously breathy whilst exhaling another puff of herby smoke.

If you just keep it all to yourself no-one will ever know, and the things you have seen are your validation, no one else saw them! the com as incontrovertible as it gets. 

"But holy crap, this has got serious now, and if I do nothing then..." definitely me, but this statement staying internal!

You know what to do!, that's if you want to? it was your idea. Or just act normal! Up to you! The eye is supposed to be closed anyway. 

"I can't just do nothing, can I?"

The conference continues...  Telling people will result in them, most likely, locking you up and drowning you in a sea of controlling substances, not that it matters to you, but you know that they will never believe you!. However if you do nothing then the damage is much greater, but as you know, either way, it IS happening. Just as it always

"I understand" this comes out audible. An agreement for the record. 

The truth is I have known about this latest part for a few days and it's quite the quandary, and possibly the biggest understatement of all time.  

I will tell the story from the beginning and then when we all get to the crazy, I find myself in right now, make your mind up, as to whether it was all worth it!. 

There is a ride, which I promise!!! you really do not, want to miss. Let's see if I can help you to book your seat. It will be difficult, as everything you believe to be true, may just be a very big very scary lie. But of course it's your life, so forget you ever read this or sign up to my blog. There will be a charge, not because I want your money, nor do I need it,  as it will all go to a specific charity. these detail will all become clear. This process needs to be for the good of everyone and everything. Rest assured I know exactly what to do. 

You will earn your currency, which will buy you that seat. If you have not figured out what i mean by that please do not join as you need to do one very big and for some very hard thing first. 

Get right, with everyone and everything. This is the only fair way. 

You do not have to be anything but decent and honest, loyal and regretful. Put the pasts right inside, and face the demon of deceit with some pride in being straight up.

Then we will talk again.

I will do my bit for you all. Whoever and wherever you are.