Thursday, 17 September 2020

Lockdown. The inside story.

As painfully obvious as it is, Covid19 has irrevocably changed modern society. All of the social, personal and commercial rules, we took for granted, have changed. Now, we are all navigating through life, in an entirely different and slightly confusing way. 

The new generation growing up, will never know the awkward moment when we used to greet each other with a hand shake, occasionally missing the palm culminating in, an embarrassing, finger and thumb waggle or the unmatched awkwardness of an air kiss in the same direction climaxing in a red cheeked, face smoosh. The joy of time spent in the doctors waiting room, air thick with cough droplets of bird flu, swine fever or mad cows disease shared with every intake of breath. They will never know the gentle reminder to visit the dental hygienist from the fragrance of the collective halitosis on the London Underground. Gone are the days of taking a cheap flight to Sunny, Anywhere. Sitting so close to a complete stranger, that your shoulder becomes their bony pillow, inevitably leading to the superbly awkward moment as they wake and peel themselves off to reveal the dribble soaked wet patch. Concrete blocks which built the characters of our society are fading memories of yesterday, lost to the kids of today. Lucky them. 

Recently the national media reported that the virus seemed to be targeting ethnic minorities making them four times more likely to die from Covid19 in the Greater London area. This caused a widespread panic amongst the white community leading to a rush and shortage of available housing in Essex. 

When we look retrospectively at the whole story, unfolded as it has, reaction all over the world has been far in excess of the virus's actual real world danger. Now as good tax paying citizens, we will have to foot the bill. The cost of the first lockdown is still being rung into the till, and it does not look likely to stop until well into next year. I am not dismissing the fact that this, beastly bug, would have gained much more traction if the social distancing and self isolation measures had not been imposed, but this normally inept and malfunctioning government want us to think they did a good job, but in reality, they can't really take the credit for acting nearly in line with every other nation in Europe and getting the worst result therein, There are way to many complete fuck up's in recent memory to talk about now, so that's enough of that.

So what next?

Getting used to the idea of more, self isolation, regional lockdowns and quarantining is the reality. A future that only ever seemed possible in Hollywood movie plots, is now a sticker slapped on a map holiday destinations everywhere around the world. The conspicuous absence of the drunk and disorderly but fun loving Brits is hitting the coastal regions of Earth particularly hard. Usually flocking anywhere sunny, their generosity world renown for spending their hard earned wages on booze and fridge magnets. Still we have some lovely areas in the UK to visit and all on our doorstep. The main benefit of which is there's no extra charge for the oversize luggage in the car, containing four sets of welly boots, woolly jumpers, umbrellas and rain coats.

As for the less adventurous of us. we are stuck with the ever present and unarguably frightening prospect, of a new national lockdown. Effectively imprisoning us in our homes, once again. Faced with another term of house arrest without the financial support of the previous one, will test every last one of us to the limit. The notable faces we have all got somewhat, used to seeing over the last seven months, will quickly become a particularly unpleasant sight The truth is, we are just a series of positive tests, which were likely passed around like a yard glass in a pub, from really having to live on the breadline as there will be no more bailouts, so i am off down the supermarket to panic buy butter, beer and toilet paper

Lets join our virus free virtual hands and make sure to keep a smile on our very real faces.

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