Monday, 21 September 2020

Origin Story.

I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to be living and witnessing the dawn of this era of exponential growth in communication and technology. The world has got increasingly smaller with every new application society adopts, as part of it's development.

As I have got older and most definitely wiser, I have found myself wondering. Will I leave this place better than I found it?. The unequivocal answer, is a resounding no. Yes, I have had a part to play in giving life, to four beautiful and very different characters, however, what mess have I bought them into? More importantly, what am I going to leave as a legacy for my kids, grandkids?, and then their children?... If we have not gone and destroyed ourselves by then!.

I, like many others, have drawn a frightening but logical conclusion. There is far too much evidence from the greed of the so called "powerful institutions" around the world to ignore. Even with the punitive measures taken to re-centre Earths natural balance, it is highly likely that it is too late, and we have already passed the tipping point. The constant and inevitable wheels of commerce and industry, cannot and will not pause for contemplation of the cost. Not for more than 3 months anyway... Covid19 was not all bad.

There is a real need for change, however, there does not seem to be a way, to safely effect it, as war is the human answer to change. Historically, as we are, all too well aware, this leads to separation, subjugation and persecution. The will of the victors, forcefully imposed on an unsuspecting population who had nothing, but location, to do with any of it. Civil wars lead to military rule, and the inevitable implosion of a nation. All roads lead to the same conclusion. A new order comes from the chaos, nothing really changes, one controlling rule gets supplanted with another.

Depicted in an exhaustive amount of literature, lies the demise of the human race. This frequently pedalled, dystopian future, just a Hollywood movie plot, right?. No way, we would end up annihilating each other, RIGHT?. The answer is and always has been the hardest to understand because it makes the least sense. Sadly this has always been the case. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that by joining..., well..., whatever this turns out to be, that we are going to change anything. I know, as do you, that the wheels are too big and fast to stop from turning or even slowing. A compulsory one way ticket, punched at birth, all with the same destination but let's not get morbid, the bit in the middle can be very worthwhile if treated with the respect, every form of it deserves.

So finally getting to the point!. We do not have a full understanding of how our digital legacy, will be viewed. Future generations, I am positive, will study this era with great interest, assimilating their history, as they ready themselves for whatever life looks like, through their eyes. 

I for one, am going to make sure that my contribution, is carefully and consciously, considered before submitting to the eternal archives. This rhetoric, my mission and my promise to the future, whether I have reached one or one million "The Cursive Collective" will endure.


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