Friday, 18 September 2020

On Our Watch!


I recall when growing up, there was just so much to see

A world that felt so massive once, now’s a big community 

We used to check the papers, for the work to pay our way 

In modern times it’s easy, just a computer click away 

An adult now, I worry, whilst the youth are led astray

An eagerness to show off, put their lives out on display

Their need to get approval, but so quick to say “it sucks”

Get naked for attention, then purse their lips like a ducks

It’s sad to say this generation has lost the power to mix

Don’t talk unless on mobile phones, while trolling others pics  

They’d rather all sit lonely, with their best friend as a screen

Jealous of the perfect life, or a place they've never been.

With all emerging gadgets, give the world much less to do.

Considering no time ago, that mobile phones were new

Whilst breakthroughs keep on coming, at this fast rate of knots

Question not what’s coming next, ask, just how much the cost

The problem now with Facebook, buried under, far beneath

Is a pluralistic ignorance, and the lack of self belief 

Governed by the zealots, with no care apart from greed 

Lead the way and live without, in truth it’s you they need. 

Murdock x

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