Friday, 18 September 2020

Dating is easy!


A long look in the mirror, what is the good in me. 

My brown eyes staring right back but bad is all I see

I’ve still got lots to offer, It’s time I got back out, 

Sitting in my armchair, with phone in hand to scout.

I choose my best shot ever, the profile my pic they’ll see  

Five years and  three stone later, but never mind its me.

To get the perfect soul mate, it asks, describe yourself

I write, I don’t know what to say, just fed up on this shelf

The next few questions stress me, my likes and things i do

I lie and say hikes in the park, staying in and going out too.

In this section to match up now, outline your perfect mate

No box to tick for just a pulse on a woman would be great.

It's all done now the form complete, and ready to upload

I check once more my answers back before i start this road

With best intent i press lets go to begin the big explore

Swiping right on everyone my chance improved i’m sure.

A week goes by first date is set, to meet, eat, drink and chat

The thought occurred the lies I've told and made out im not fat.

I’m in it now to hell with it, tonight's the night we meet

Then just before i texted her and pulled out with cold feet.

It’s done the job, my ego’s back, i stood her up no doubt

She wanted me, to fill a gap, that’s not what I'm about

Delete the thing it's for the best and meet someone for real

This dating thing too easy now.  just don’t see the appeal.   


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