Friday, 18 September 2020

A Prayer for the Living


Your futures before you, and histories past 

The time left inside you will pass all too fast

Repent at your peril as you will not say

I wish that i’d done less on that fateful day

With purpose and reason appreciate choice

A strong moral compass and passionate voice  

Be greedy for knowledge not power or wealth

To pass this gift freely which cornerstones health.

Opinions though vital, progress and improve  

Scribe gently in pencil with freedom to move

Be honest and forthright, emotive, sincere

Use truth as your weapon and live without fear

Make those stood beside you aware of your love

Give more than expected, enjoy just enough

Take no joy in winning at others expense 

As learning from losing its own recompense.

Your futures before you, and histories past 

The time left inside us will pass all too fast

Pay the price gladly as you will not say

I wish that i loved less on my fateful day

When emotions define us, they give much away

The strongest among us can still be led astray

When forgiveness is inter and gets cast aside

Regretful decisions are locked deep inside. 

The tipping point for us has just been and gone

Consuming Earth’s life blood so terribly wrong  

A clear present danger to life strong and weak

We can’t leave their future unimaginably bleak 

Consider this question that most have not asked

No chance of redemption when your life has passed

Will smiles shape the faces of those in your wake

Be thankful their memory is your’s still to make.  

Your futures beyond you, just history left 

No time left inside you, your body bereft

Reflection around you, life’s light fades away

Just love every moment until that fateful day.

Murdock x



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