Wednesday, 30 December 2020

The Silence is Deafening.

I hear them, not brave enough to be a player in the real game, but will extinguish good and unfulfilled life, for insecure, selfish need. A crime, committed by the worst humanity has to offer at all ends of the spectrum. Another time, maybe.

With everything that is happening right now, it is hard to be human. Your rights have slowly been eroded and your freedom inhibited. but freedom is not achieved by working in front of a computer screen to feed the permanently hungry big fish. It's a fallacy thinking that it's going to the shops, the pub or on vacation, to a place you can barely afford. Freedom is to know that you are entitled just the same as everyone else and it is the best life has to offer, to know that your best will be good enough and the only tax you pay, is that you use the skills you have as an individual to the best of your ability. Freedom is to choose your role and whatever you choose, is as important, as every other. 

The tasks conceived for the betterment of society and once completed will be your currency, opening the door to more knowledge, more experience. This society, an equal and prosperous one, in tune with cosmic song which you will always want to dance to, a people you are proud to be part of, the society of the Humans. As the race is already run, and we did not finish. 

In our violent and very bloody history, we have not learned very much at all, truthfully it is difficult to see anything other than violence as a resolution, man has always been prepared to fight to the death for many things, fatally flawed religious beliefs, a worldwide land grab culminating in horrific, brutal atrocities. We would like to call it inhumane, but sadly it is all too human,  Only when a man is pushed to his limits and faced with the choice of protecting his loved ones, is he justified to wield the mortal sword and strike any foe who would dare test him. 

The courage to stand up against all evil, win the fight within to be the true hero. to see that actions at the behest of another for recompense to silence or subdue is truly evil and the real price for such work is not paid in silver or gold.  

Even the worst among us are a product of a society, now so inherently broken to remain part of it seems to go against every shred of decency we have left. We think that by escaping our home, the Earth, and going to other planets we will ensure that humanity will endure, but even if we colonise another planet, there will never be a machine to help us run away from ourselves.

I am not going to tell you that it's all going to work out fine because the systemic fear of dying, oddly the one thing that unites us is their weapon. Yes they can kill, humiliate, intimidate and manipulate but even the most hardened and unlikely people, can still become what they need to. There are just two rules and they are not hard to follow. Get right and don't deceive.

The path is not an easy one, there are many things we do not understand and some of the things, we do think we understand, are, I am afraid, not entirely accurate. The system finds it easier for you to be treated like a fool, you know you are being made a fool of but it's far easier just to go along with it. Have your own opinions but write them in pencil, as evidence that is merely misunderstood can be explained.

Firstly let me just reassure you, that this is not a call for panic or any of that nonsense, as even if the world were ending, what difference does that make anyway? Nor is it a prediction that this is all going to happen tomorrow. There is time, of that I am 100% sure. You do not have to live like a monk, I can assure you I do not. You do not have to change who you are, if you consider yourself to be a good person (if you don't, then you obviously do). You do not have to atone for all your mistakes in life, just to have learnt from them to try not to repeat them, and finally, most importantly, do not seek false gods to help you, you alone are judged on what you are and what you have become. I have no intention of ever revealing my true identity and have no wish to be rich or famous. 

So here is my only rule, I have no intention of being vilified and marched through the streets with a cross on my back or interrogated to death, so if my privacy is ever invaded at any point, I stop and stay stopped and that is a cast iron promise. 

What's the worst that could happen? People are nicer to each other and learn not to lie? That does not sound so bad, does it?

And what if I am right?

No more fear of harm of any kind ever befalling your loved ones, no more ransom of medical innovation and expertise, no more fighting for the best as you will always have it, no more hunger or overconsumption, no more fighting with Mother Earth and no more limitations on anything you wish to try and no more resentment and depression for being born. To be alive will become everything it was meant to.

Life is about sharing love, experiences, dancing and learning. Sounds just like heaven, only maybe we don't have to die to get there. 

There is more before and after, I am just getting started. 

Monday, 28 December 2020


 The Whispering Man


 The woods that gave us shelter, taught fire, for the winter freeze.

The ground that kept us nourished, prompt replenishment of trees.

The wind that twists so violently  rising tides, fill up the seas.

The human race, now over, the Earth's Covid death disease.

Wage any war for grassland, then cull, to plant their flags.

Before, the hunt was payment, now, all home’s are living taxed.

False, weak and faceless, squires land grab, run now or lose your head.

Society’s foundation formed, entitled and inbred.

He claims, his god’s, the real one? There can only, be just one,

His word foretold the portend, share the peace, follow his son.

The church made true believers, who will die, to serve the creed,

Swung blade, for righteous evil, to make all, the heathens bleed.

His part to play, as ruler, enjoys removing head from neck,

Armada brings death cargo, blood engrained the patchwork deck. 

He knows, fair price, if set high, a day’s work, would spread the wealth.

Not one fuck gave, he gets more rich, well fed, in perfect health.


They dropped atomic weapons, the world entered, age of shock. 

The blood stains on the genius, he now fears his mortal clock 

Take your, colour, class, fake religions please, it's your time, going to waste   

Make peace with life, a no deception deal, there's still time, to book your space.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Silent Clock Ticks

Alarm Call 6am

The voices inside, dolby 5.1, as usual. My constant uncertainty now a thing of the past.

"But come on, this has got seriously twisted!" I ask, my voice consciously breathy whilst exhaling another puff of herby smoke.

If you just keep it all to yourself no-one will ever know, and the things you have seen are your validation, no one else saw them! the com as incontrovertible as it gets. 

"But holy crap, this has got serious now, and if I do nothing then..." definitely me, but this statement staying internal!

You know what to do!, that's if you want to? it was your idea. Or just act normal! Up to you! The eye is supposed to be closed anyway. 

"I can't just do nothing, can I?"

The conference continues...  Telling people will result in them, most likely, locking you up and drowning you in a sea of controlling substances, not that it matters to you, but you know that they will never believe you!. However if you do nothing then the damage is much greater, but as you know, either way, it IS happening. Just as it always

"I understand" this comes out audible. An agreement for the record. 

The truth is I have known about this latest part for a few days and it's quite the quandary, and possibly the biggest understatement of all time.  

I will tell the story from the beginning and then when we all get to the crazy, I find myself in right now, make your mind up, as to whether it was all worth it!. 

There is a ride, which I promise!!! you really do not, want to miss. Let's see if I can help you to book your seat. It will be difficult, as everything you believe to be true, may just be a very big very scary lie. But of course it's your life, so forget you ever read this or sign up to my blog. There will be a charge, not because I want your money, nor do I need it,  as it will all go to a specific charity. these detail will all become clear. This process needs to be for the good of everyone and everything. Rest assured I know exactly what to do. 

You will earn your currency, which will buy you that seat. If you have not figured out what i mean by that please do not join as you need to do one very big and for some very hard thing first. 

Get right, with everyone and everything. This is the only fair way. 

You do not have to be anything but decent and honest, loyal and regretful. Put the pasts right inside, and face the demon of deceit with some pride in being straight up.

Then we will talk again.

I will do my bit for you all. Whoever and wherever you are.




Monday, 21 September 2020

Origin Story.

I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to be living and witnessing the dawn of this era of exponential growth in communication and technology. The world has got increasingly smaller with every new application society adopts, as part of it's development.

As I have got older and most definitely wiser, I have found myself wondering. Will I leave this place better than I found it?. The unequivocal answer, is a resounding no. Yes, I have had a part to play in giving life, to four beautiful and very different characters, however, what mess have I bought them into? More importantly, what am I going to leave as a legacy for my kids, grandkids?, and then their children?... If we have not gone and destroyed ourselves by then!.

I, like many others, have drawn a frightening but logical conclusion. There is far too much evidence from the greed of the so called "powerful institutions" around the world to ignore. Even with the punitive measures taken to re-centre Earths natural balance, it is highly likely that it is too late, and we have already passed the tipping point. The constant and inevitable wheels of commerce and industry, cannot and will not pause for contemplation of the cost. Not for more than 3 months anyway... Covid19 was not all bad.

There is a real need for change, however, there does not seem to be a way, to safely effect it, as war is the human answer to change. Historically, as we are, all too well aware, this leads to separation, subjugation and persecution. The will of the victors, forcefully imposed on an unsuspecting population who had nothing, but location, to do with any of it. Civil wars lead to military rule, and the inevitable implosion of a nation. All roads lead to the same conclusion. A new order comes from the chaos, nothing really changes, one controlling rule gets supplanted with another.

Depicted in an exhaustive amount of literature, lies the demise of the human race. This frequently pedalled, dystopian future, just a Hollywood movie plot, right?. No way, we would end up annihilating each other, RIGHT?. The answer is and always has been the hardest to understand because it makes the least sense. Sadly this has always been the case. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that by joining..., well..., whatever this turns out to be, that we are going to change anything. I know, as do you, that the wheels are too big and fast to stop from turning or even slowing. A compulsory one way ticket, punched at birth, all with the same destination but let's not get morbid, the bit in the middle can be very worthwhile if treated with the respect, every form of it deserves.

So finally getting to the point!. We do not have a full understanding of how our digital legacy, will be viewed. Future generations, I am positive, will study this era with great interest, assimilating their history, as they ready themselves for whatever life looks like, through their eyes. 

I for one, am going to make sure that my contribution, is carefully and consciously, considered before submitting to the eternal archives. This rhetoric, my mission and my promise to the future, whether I have reached one or one million "The Cursive Collective" will endure.


Friday, 18 September 2020

On Our Watch!


I recall when growing up, there was just so much to see

A world that felt so massive once, now’s a big community 

We used to check the papers, for the work to pay our way 

In modern times it’s easy, just a computer click away 

An adult now, I worry, whilst the youth are led astray

An eagerness to show off, put their lives out on display

Their need to get approval, but so quick to say “it sucks”

Get naked for attention, then purse their lips like a ducks

It’s sad to say this generation has lost the power to mix

Don’t talk unless on mobile phones, while trolling others pics  

They’d rather all sit lonely, with their best friend as a screen

Jealous of the perfect life, or a place they've never been.

With all emerging gadgets, give the world much less to do.

Considering no time ago, that mobile phones were new

Whilst breakthroughs keep on coming, at this fast rate of knots

Question not what’s coming next, ask, just how much the cost

The problem now with Facebook, buried under, far beneath

Is a pluralistic ignorance, and the lack of self belief 

Governed by the zealots, with no care apart from greed 

Lead the way and live without, in truth it’s you they need. 

Murdock x

Mind Sober Matter


Living inside me lies this voice in my mind, the incessant rambling of my conscience, 

My choice not to listen, now taken from me,  the calm quiet moments of my past history 

I look in the mirror and all that I hear is the hatred he has now and the future he fears

It’s best just to end it he says that a lot, just look at yourself please, you’ll be quickly forgot.

The stick that i have to beat him back with, is a bottle of whisky and a big line of sniff

He doesn’t offend me, when I take that shit, drowned til tomorrow as I take another hit

My head fills with answers, a medical shrink, blood drips from my nose leant over the sink

Psychosis is nonsense, a made up illness, my habit no reason or rhyme for this mess.

I wake up the next day it’s two forty five, my head, face and nose sore, hate being alive

He shouts his displeasure being kept at the back, arrived at his station called full on attack

The cycle repeats now and i feel so depressed, this life not worth paying  the fee from the test

He’s winning the battle of wills in my head, he tells me again that i am better off dead

A friends intervention, my families all there, sitting around me in a forced central chair

They ask me to not lie, be honest this time, if I tell the truth now then it all will be fine

The voice doesn’t like it, he shouts deep inside, tell them to fuck off man, where is your pride

He feeds on depression, self pity and doubt, strengthened by poor choice and not doing without

Advice in abundance now it’s in the open air, there is so much to live for, i’m starting to care 

The voice still inside me but now under my spell, he lives in the shadows now i’m feeling well

The gym work has helped me, lose all the fat weight, my life is much better now without the hate

If reading this poem you hear him as well, just think of one person who’d help you to tell.  

Hardest part over when help was allowed, admitting illness, the voices inside became less loud

Strength found from somewhere, god helped resolve sin, impulse resisted, counted as a big win

So conscious and fretful of falling back to this plight, stand up again braver to restart the fight.

Reflection in the silent mirror the best it can be, voices all gone now except the good inside me. 


Murdock x

Dating is easy!


A long look in the mirror, what is the good in me. 

My brown eyes staring right back but bad is all I see

I’ve still got lots to offer, It’s time I got back out, 

Sitting in my armchair, with phone in hand to scout.

I choose my best shot ever, the profile my pic they’ll see  

Five years and  three stone later, but never mind its me.

To get the perfect soul mate, it asks, describe yourself

I write, I don’t know what to say, just fed up on this shelf

The next few questions stress me, my likes and things i do

I lie and say hikes in the park, staying in and going out too.

In this section to match up now, outline your perfect mate

No box to tick for just a pulse on a woman would be great.

It's all done now the form complete, and ready to upload

I check once more my answers back before i start this road

With best intent i press lets go to begin the big explore

Swiping right on everyone my chance improved i’m sure.

A week goes by first date is set, to meet, eat, drink and chat

The thought occurred the lies I've told and made out im not fat.

I’m in it now to hell with it, tonight's the night we meet

Then just before i texted her and pulled out with cold feet.

It’s done the job, my ego’s back, i stood her up no doubt

She wanted me, to fill a gap, that’s not what I'm about

Delete the thing it's for the best and meet someone for real

This dating thing too easy now.  just don’t see the appeal.